I am Dave Parham, and this is our Save Our Island website.

Save Our Island has been working on behalf of the residents of Hayling Island since January 2017, when a joint working group was set up by Havant Borough Council (HBC) to specifically work on the Infrastructure Plan for Hayling Island.

Save Our Island – as a non-political group – is working with all local Resident Groups, including those in Langstone and Havant, to stand up for the residents of Hayling Island in all aspects relating to maintaining a sustainable infrastructure essential to the economic future of our Island.

We have in 2023 upgraded the software to this site, so please feel free to use the search bar at the top of the page.

Status as of April 2024

We give our opinion on Hampshire County Council's further consideration of permanently closing our Amenity Tip, and urge our elected Councillor to use his influence to prevent the closure.

Status as of March 2024

This month we report on the success to preserve the Langstone Mill Pond.

Status as of February 2024

Our harbours are critical for the prosperity of not just Hayling Island but the local coastal communities, and this is our focus this month.

Status as of January 2024

We focus on the BLOB, and the almost uncontrollable growth of the Civil Service.

Status as of December 2023

In December 2023 we focus on the influence of Natural England and our concerns on the maintenance of sea walls at the Langstone Mill Pond and on Hayling Island. 

Please refer to the Hayling Herald submissions in the Document Library

This website has a Document Library with chronological links to records of all important documents and HIIAG meetings.  The Document Library also contains links to our Hayling Herald submissions.  May I recommend you review the content in the Document Library.

This site is not meant as an alternative to the HIRA, or the NEHRA or the Langstone residents associations, or the Hayling Herald, with whom we work closely.


Dave Parham