I am Dave Parham, and this is our Save Our Island website.

Save Our Island has been working on behalf of the residents of Hayling Island since January 2017, when a joint working group was set up by Havant Borough Council (HBC) to specifically work on the Infrastructure Plan for Hayling Island.

Save Our Island – as a non-political group – is working with all local Resident Groups, including those in Langstone and Havant, to stand up for the residents of Hayling Island in all aspects relating to maintaining a sustainable infrastructure essential to the economic future of our Island.

Status as of 21 May 2022

We have a significant concern regarding the delay in the production by Coastal Partners of the Hayling Island Coastal Strategy.  Please review our June 2022 submission to the Hayling Herald in the Document Library.

Status as of 22 April 2022

There is potential harm to Hayling Island residents as a result of the withdrawal of the Havant Borough Council Local Plan.  The housing targets demanded by Government are unachievable and we, Save Our Island, and HBC have written independently to the Secretary of State pleading for a lowering of the targets to reflect the reality of the environment and infrastructure.

If we fail in establishing achievable housing targets, there is a high risk of Hayling Island and Havant Borough being inundated with a tsunami of speculative housing development applications which HBC will not be in a position to limit, manage or control.

See the detail correspondence below.

  • 13 April 2022 - Save Our Island’s letter to the Secretary of State on housing targets link here.

  • April 2022 The New Local Plan for the Borough – Setting out the future for residents and businesses link here.

  • 16 March 2022 The Havant Borough Local Plan was withdrawn from examination on 16 March 2022 and work has started on a new Local Plan for Havant Borough. The Council has adopted a Housing Delivery Position Statement which sets out how planning applications for housing, not in accordance with the Adopted Local Plan link here, will be considered in advance of a new Local Plan. 

This website has a Document Library with chronological links to records of all important documents and HIIAG meetings.  The Document Library also contains links to our Hayling Herald submissions.

This site is not meant as an alternative to the HIRA, or the NEHRA or the Langstone residents associations, or the Hayling Herald, with whom we work closely.


Dave Parham