Dave Parham - Leader of Save Our Island

Hi everyone,

I’m Dave Parham, and this is our SAVE OUR ISLAND website.

We have set it up to provide the detailed reports and exchanges with the Authorities on the Infrastructure of Hayling Island.  Can I ask that residents please review the documents in our Document Library.

Could I please ask you to visit our Help Us page and do what you can to Save Our Island.  We have provided an easy to access list of councillors here on the Cllr page.

It is not meant as an alternative to the HIRA, or the NEHRA or the Langstone residents associations, or the Hayling Herald, with whom we work closely.

You will find here detailed information regarding our efforts to defend Hayling Island over the past three years, as well as ongoing activities into the future.

We are also happy to host the Hayling Helpers group here in their worthwhile efforts to support us all during the Coronavirus emergency.