HBCLogoThe Local Plan is important as it sets out how our borough will look and feel in the future.

Specifically, the Local Plan will identify minimum house building targets across the borough.

The Local Plan is first reviewed and approved by councillors and then by the Government inspectors.


News TransAssWe would like to draw readers attention to theses key documents and videos which scrutinise Havant Borough Council's Transport Assessment Addendum.

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Coatal Partners were formally known as the Eastern Solent Coastal Partnership (ESCP)

The aim of Coastal Partners is to reduce the risks of coastal flooding and erosion to people, and the developed and natural environments, and to encourage the provision of technically, economically and environmentally sound defence measures to protect more than 40,000 homes and businesses within the area over the next 100 years.

News HaylingHeraldThe Hayling Herald is a local community free newspaper that is delivered across Hayling Island by resident volunteers. 

The Hayling Herald have kindly given SOI  a monthly column, and you may read our submissions below.

The Herald provides a rich source of news, reference material and articles of general interest and their website is here.

News NitratesNutrient neutrality is a means of ensuring that development does not add to existing nutrient burdens.

The Natural England Nutrient Neutrality Plan requires all Councils in the Solent to ensure nitrate pollution does not increase from this point on.